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CAPE-OPEN UPDATE is a publication of the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (CO-LaN), a non-profit consortium for the development of the CAPE-OPEN standard.


Kerry Irons, Editor

Editorial Board: Peter Banks, Bertrand Braunschweig, Celeste Colantonio, Ronald-Alexander Klein, Werner Merk, Hans Pingen, Michel Pons

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  • Editorial - CO-LaN Consultancy On Offer
  • Introducting Werner Merk, CO-LaN's New President

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EDITORIAL - CO-LaN Consultancy On Offer

The CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network has undertaken a new initiative to aid the CAPE-OPEN community in its efforts to develop and implement CO compliant applications. The CO-LaN Board of Directors proposed, and the CO-LaN members have approved a mechanism to provide support for applications development with the following objectives:

  • To catalyze the production of CO components by removing the difficulties of achieving CO-compatibility
  • To secure services of key CO experts in the vendor organizations
  • To provide an added incentive for companies to join CO-LaN as full members

A portion of the CO-LaN budget will be used to contract appropriate service providers to assist third party developers of CO components to ensure that CO-compliance was achieved. Each CO-LaN industrial member is able to nominate one project per year, and the developer can have up to 2 days of assistance, paid for by the CO-LaN, for the implementation of the CO standards. So far, four consultants have been approved:

  • AspenTech,, for all aspects of the use of CAPE-OPEN Unit, Thermo and Common interfaces in COM software components (contact: Sergi Sama,
  • RSI, for the use of CAPE-OPEN Unit and Thermo interfaces in both steady-state and dynamic CAPE-OPEN-compliant software components, particularly for real time COM applications. (contact: Didier Paen, )
  • Universita Politecnica de Catalunya, for the use of all CAPE-OPEN major interfaces in CAPE-OPEN-compliant software components, in both CORBA and COM applications.  UPC provides access to small teams of students to assist in project development. (contact: Prof. Luis Puigjaner,
  • Dr. Jean-Pierre Belaud, for the use of CAPE-OPEN Unit, Solver and SMST interfaces in CAPE-OPEN-compliant software components, particularly in CORBA project applications. Advice on all CAPE-OPEN interfaces and documentation. ENSIACET provides access to students for assisting in project development. (contact: Jean-Pierre Belaud,

This service is yet another example of how the CO-LaN is taking concrete steps to facilitate the development and implementation of CO compliant components, not to mention the offer of a significant benefit for CO-LaN members. Details available through the CO Support tag.


Kerry Irons, Editor


CO-LaN Elects New President

At the recent CO-LaN members meeting in Leipzig, Germany, Werner Merk was elected as the new President. A little background:

Werner Merk is the Global Process Technology Consultant in Dow's Global Process Engineering department. In this role, Werner is responsible to define the vision and implementation plans for the core competencies in Global Process Engineering to provide improved technology solutions to Dow's Businesses. Werner is also accountable for commercialization of new technology in large capital projects in his areas of expertise.


Werner has a broad background in process and engineering technologies and is responsible for developing and maintaining internal and external networks with peers and colleagues, and has a leading role in Dow's Process Modelling efforts.


Werner holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University (TH) of Karlsruhe, Germany. After spending 4 years with Unilever, he joined Dow in 1984 in the Stade Bisphenol/Epoxy Plant. He has gained further experience from assignments in Manufacturing and Engineering, in process technologies such as MDI, propylene oxide, and polycarbonate, and core technologies such as Solids Processing and Process Modeling.


User tips

Remember to visit the CO-LaN web site, then click Standard Specification, to better understand both the method and the opportunity of implementing CO standards. If you are a CAPE software developer, you will find CO testers and the CO standards documentation. If you are a CAPE software user, you will find guidance on the use of CAPE tools in a CO-compliant environment. There is a great deal of information on the web site to guide you and offer insight.

Feel free to contact a CO-LaN member to help you focus your activities. These people can answer questions, discuss the philosophy of CO standards, direct you to CO standards experts, and give you a glimpse of current and future activities.



The CO-LaN Special Interest Groups (SIGs), are up and running to refine existing standards, expand them as needed, and define new standards. The current SIGs, SIG leaders, and current focus areas are:

  • INTEROPERABILITY - Peter Banks, BP ( Interoperability Support for testing software interoperability.
  • THERMODYNAMICS - Jens Schmidt, Dow ( For implementation, maintenance, and management of existing interfaces. Expansion into polymers and solids.
  • UNIT OPERATIONS - Celeste Colantonio, Shell Chemical ( For implementation, maintenance, and management of existing interfaces. Expansion into dynamics.



You can view back issues of CAPE-OPEN UPDATE on the CO-LaN web site - please go to News, then CO Update Issues



Visit the CO-LaN website, then click News for the latest information!

CO tours are designed to show an organisation's technical professionals and technical leaders how to implement CO standards for their CAPE. Feel free to request one for your organisation.

Wizards are now developed for Unit Operations and Thermodynamics and are available through AspenTech/Hyprotech and through the CO-LaN web site.

The CO COSE (CAPE-OPEN Simulation Executive) tester is now ready and available on the CO-LaN web site.


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